Robby Starbuck, former US Congress candidate and music video director has made shocking claims against the Transformers star Megan Fox. In a series of tweets, Robby attached pH๏τos of Megan’s three kids with ex Brian Austin Green and claimed that she abused her sons. Robby said that about five years ago Megan’s two sons had a full-on breakdown because the actress forced her sons to wear girl clothes. He claimed that at that time their nanny was trying to console them and another witness was also present. The music video director also added that they knew California State will not take any against the same because she is famous. Now, Megan Fox has squashed these claims and clapped back at the accusations made by Robby Starbuck.

Megan Fox reacts to Robby Starbuck’s claims
In a lengthy Instagram post, Megan Fox rubbished the claims made by Robby Starbuck along with the pH๏τos of his tweets. The Transformers actress penned a straightforward message to Starbuck and denied his claims. She wrote, “hey @robbystarbuck i really don’t want to give you this attention because clearly you’re a clout chaser but let me teach you something… irregardless of how desperate you may become at any given time to acquire wealth, power, success, or fame – never use children as leverage or social currency.”

Fox also added that Robby’s effort to use her children’s gender idenтιтy to gain attention for political campaigns has put him on the ‘wrong side of the universe’. The Transformers actress ended her note by saying that Robby has messed with the wrong person around this time and she has been questioned by narcissists and impotent men like Robby many times and yet she remains strong.

Megan Fox’s ex Brian Austin Green calls Robby Starbuck’s claims ‘bogus’
A couple of hours earlier, Megan Fox’s ex Brian Austin Green also called these allegations a ‘bogus story’. Green added that people like this always have their own selfish motives and do not care about the negative impact on parent-child relationships.

Speaking with TMZ, Brian reacted to the claims made by Starbucks. He said, “It’s a totally bogus story. There are only a few people in their world that can actually verify wether [sic] or not a story like this is true and I can tell you with absolute certainty it is not. This person trying to claim this is true is a perfect example of someone with selfish motives that does not care about negatively affecting a parent child relationship.”

Meanwhile, at present, Megan Fox is rebuilding her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly. After their relationship drama in February 2023, Fox and MGK have postponed their wedding plans and are attending therapy for a stronger relationship. It was some months ago that the actress made headlines after MGK and her breakup rumors spiraled.